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Welcome To Luminous Rose

An Investment for Your Future

Welcome to Luminous Rose Academy, where you can gain the skills and experience necessary to turn your passion into a career. Take a look through our site to see what we have to offer, and get in touch with questions.

About Us

    At Luminous Rose Academy, we teach photography to all those who are curious to learn about the subject. All you need is a little spark and we will help you enhance that to exhibit the luminance that would attract anyone. 

    Our prices are lower than most others in the market so that we can reach out to as many people as possible who are passionate to learn photography, gaming, AR/VR,  3D animation and soon the fields of video editing, color grading and VFX.

Our vision

    “Let there be light” was the first commandment recorded in the bible.  Light has always been a significant part of all existence, the importance of which can be seen physically, spiritually and of course, in the field of photography as well. 

    Without light, one cannot see. Without light, a photograph is meaningless. Light is one of the key elements that gives meaning to our world for without light, how would we be able to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us?

    Just as light brightens up everything it touches; we aspire to spread the light of our knowledge through our mentors and luminate the minds of our students. Hence, our motto, “Let there be light”


Vadavalli, Coimbatore


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